Juno Calypso

Juno Calypso's self-portraits are personal works about feminism, isolation, loneliness and being self-sufficient.

One of the most acclaimed young British photographers, she writes: 

"In 2011, after two decades of taking pictures of myself in private, I began a series of self-portraits in which I staged myself as a fictional character named Joyce. Without knowing how to explain what I was doing at the time, I used my grandmothers' houses, or rented bedrooms online, and took pictures of myself while the hosts were asleep. Once alone I used Joyce to reenact the private underlife of a woman consumed by the laboured construct of femininity, carried out to the point of ritualised absurdity.

'The Honeymoon' is a continuation of the 'Joyce' series. In the spring of 2015 I spent a week alone at a couples-only honeymoon resort in Pennsylvania, USA. With a suitcase concealing wigs and wedding lingerie, I posed as a travel writer and was granted keys to every suite in the resort, which I used as stages for new self-portraits. In each room we find Joyce in solitary moments of preparation and anticipation. Seduction has begun in secrecy. A green clay body-mask beauty routine becomes a science-fiction metamorphosis. Joyce appears alone, absorbed and exhausted by her own reflection."