14 June 2023 

This class is run in partnership with the Centre for British Photography. The course tutor is Dr. James Hyman, Founding Director, Centre for British Photography.




In January 2023 London saw the opening of the new Centre for British Photography in central London. This was the first space of its kind dedicated to British photography.


The Centre for Languages, Culture and Communication at Imperial College London is pleased to be partnering with the Centre for British Photography on a special five week course, looking at the history of British photography, focusing on British Photography, Landscape and the Environment.


On the course we will make extensive use of the Centre's unique archive of photographs, at of the heart of which lies the Hyman Collection, one of the world's major collections of British photography.


With a core focus on the development of British photography in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, this course will take us on a journey looking at the way in which photographers in Britain have engaged with the environment, whether taking on traditional landscape themes, which are so important in the broader history of British art, or ideas such as the urban environment, people in places and the question of environmentalism.


We are particularly delighted that the course will be taught by the Founding Director of the Centre for British Photography, Dr James Hyman, who is not only a distinguished art historian, but the key driving force behind the development of the Centre and its exhibition programme. With his knowledge of photography and photographic history, this will effectively be a masterclass in looking at the different manifestations of this art form.


The five classes will all be taught at the premises of the Centre for British Photography in Piccadilly, in central London. No previous experience of photography, the history of photography or any other academic discipline is needed, with everyone welcome to join the course.


  • Held at Centre for British Photography, London
  • Wednesdays 09:30 - 11:00
  • 5 weeks from 14 June 2023
  • Tutor: Dr James Hyman
  • Fees from £180 to £200


Your Tutor: Dr James Hyman
Dr James Hyman is an art historian, art dealer and the Founder-Director of the Centre for British Photography. He received his PhD from the Courtauld Institute (University of London) and is a leading authority on Twentieth Century British art, especially the painters of the ”School of London”. His doctorate on the subject was published as The Battle for Realism. Figurative Art in Britain during the Cold War (Yale University Press, 2001). He is a Trustee of the Centre for British Photography (registered charity number 1190955) and is the Founding Director of the Centre for British Photography.