A Night in London

Inspired by the lead provided by Bill Brandt's seminal book, A Night in London, which was published eighty years ago this year, The Hyman Collection presents works that reflect aspects of the nocturnal life of London.

A Night in London explores the legacy of Bill Brandt. A focused selection looks at London lives and turns its back on the London of tourists - the neon lighting of Leicester Square, the illuminated monuments - to propose something more intimate. Brandt's Soho Interior is echoed in the interiors of Karen Knorr and Chris Shaw. Brandt's moonlit scenes and surreal dreamer inspire Brian Griffin's dramatically lit nocturnal scenes. Brandt's Campden Hill nudes are critiqued in the feminist self-portraits of Jo Spence. Other works such as Bert Hardy's Elephant and Castle scenes present the intimate lives of London's inner ciity. Meanwhile, other psychologically charged images chart a spectrum from the lonely introspection of Susan Hiller's photo booth self portraits taken at midnight to the exhuberence of Dafydd Jones's party scenes.