EYE MAMA : Lunch time book launch signing and talks

15 May 2023 
FREE 12.00 - 2.00PM



Please join us at the Centre for British Photography to celebrate the book launch of Eye Mama: Poetic Truths of Home and Motherhood.
There will be talks by founder and curator Karni Arieli and writer and chair Catherine McCormack, as well as some of the Eye Mama photographers featured in the book.
The Eye Mama book is a photographic portfolio showcasing the mama narrative and the mama gaze, what female and non-binary photographers see when they look at, and into the home. 

Based on the 
Eye Mama Project, a photography platform sharing a curated feed by photographers worldwide who identify as mamas, the Eye Mama book brings together more than 150 images to render what is so often invisible―caregiving, mothering, family and the post-motherhood self― visible.

Eye mama was created by BAFTA-nominated filmmaker and photographer Karni Arieli during the pandemic, when everyone around the world was in lockdown and spending more time in the home, often consumed by caregiving. The visual movement centres around the “mama gaze”, an introspective look at home and care by female and non-binary visual artists.

This iconic book of photographs brings together the images from this movement, experiencing the light and dark of care and parenthood, the beauty of close-up details, love and hardship, and most importantly, the personal poetic truths of these mamas and artists.

The Eye Mama book highlights the narrative of motherhood, allowing us to see for the first time in history through the eyes of mamas worldwide, because mama gaze matters!

The Eye Mama Project has been featured in 
National Geographic, Vogue, Stern, Romper, British Journal of Photography, Creative Review and more. Go to www.eyemamaproject.com to find out more.
Pre order the Eye Mama book   HERE