Welcome to the Hyman Collection. The Hyman Collection is the world’s leading independent collection of British Photography. We seek to support and promote British photography in all its diversity by working with photographers and organisations. The collection began in 1996 and consists of over three thousand artworks with a focus on photography in Britain. The collection ranges from conceptual artists working in photography to documentary photographers, and encompasses historic as well as contemporary photographs. We are committed to diversity and to supporting women in photography. As well as acquiring individual works, in order to best present each photographer, we have tried where possible to collect whole series, multiple series, and even entire exhibitions. 


In creating this website we have attempted to provide an educational resource. The Community section provides links to the work of other organisations and the Photographers section provides online access to the Hyman Collection, and includes links to each photographer's own website, commissioned essays on specific bodies of work and detailed cataloguing of individual pictures in the Hyman Collection. We are very grateful to the photographers and photographer's estates for permission to put these works on line and for their assistance in cataloguing them.