PANEL DISCUSSION: Headstrong artists: Shirin Fathi, Sarah Maple, Rosy Martin and Paloma Tendero

25 May 2023 
6.30 - 8.00PM





On May 25th Headstrong artists: Shirin Fathi, Sarah Maple, Rosy Martin and Paloma Tendero, will be taking part in a panel discussion chaired by Jean Wainwright, talking about how artists can use their bodies as a site to fight against societal norms.  


Sarah Maple takes an ironic look on pregnancy and what it means to be a mother today. Rosy Martin explores the ambivalence feelings she felt when caring for her mother during her long illness. Shirin Fathi looks at body autonomy and the imposed beauty ideals on young Iranian women and questions the role of surgeons in cosmetic surgery. Paloma Tendero looks at the way genetics are transmitted from generation to generation and the impact it has on how we interact with the world. 


The discussion is linked to the Headstrong exhibition at the Centre for British Photography. 


James Hyman, Founding Director of Centre for British Photography comments :

“We were delighted to offer Fast Forward the opportunity to curate the major opening show, for the new Centre for British Photography. As supporters of Fast Forward, we are pleased to provide this platform for their efforts to improve the representation and visibility of women working in photography. It has been stimulating to work with them on the content of the show and on the related programme of talks and events. We look forward to welcoming you to the centre.”


The exhibition Headstrong at Centre for British Photography celebrates the work of living photographers based in Britain. It looks at women who have made work that is concerned with how they are represented, what they are dealing with in their everyday lives and what it means to embrace diversities that challenge the conservative order of a patriarchal society. Their work is playful, thought-provoking and often surprising.