Re-enactment phototherapy, memory and identity: an experiential approach: Workshop: Rosy Martin will share the working processes evolved by Jo Spence and herself since 1983.

27 March - 3 April 2023 
£150 per person for two days 10:00 - 17:30




Day 1 Monday 27 March 10.00-17.30

Day 2 Monday 3 April 10.00-17.30


In the 1st workshop Rosy will share techniques for using photographs to recall long-forgotten or buried memories. Participants will work with their chosen existing ‘family album’ photographs to open up the absences and silences hidden by nostalgia. The methodology of re-enactment phototherapy will be introduced to prepare for the second, practical workshop.


 In the 2nd workshop, we will explore the ideas of the photograph as holding narrative potential. Rosy will then guide participants through the process and participants will explore how each can perform themselves, and aspects from their history through using re-enactment phototherapy techniques. We will also look into how the therapeutic gaze may be created within the collaborative photographic exchange.  As the protagonist each will explore different aspects of themselves, and find a transformative image.


Work will be carried out in pairs to produce these images using digital cameras or high-end smartphones.There will also be time to share this work, in pairs and in the group. This allows for the practical work of image making, and the therapeutic work of exploring what aspects of the selves the images have made visible.


Requirements of Participants

This 2 day workshop course is a commitment. Participants must register beforehand and there is work to be done before and in between the sessions. Participants need to know there is a commitment to prepare, there is a lot of preparation for both workshops and to commit for the full two days and be punctual. This is based upon group and pair work, so it is vital that you attend for all the time, since absence will disrupt the group and let down your partner.


These workshops are intense. Previous experience of therapy and/or co-counselling is a definite advantage, but what is vital is the ability to fully listen to others, to be empathetic and to totally respect confidentiality.

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Re-enactment phototherapy workshop
Re-enactment phototherapy, memory and identity: an experiential approach
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