Paul Hart


British photographer Paul Hart (b. 1961) is interested in our relationship with the landscape from both a cultural and an environmental perspective. 

His work examines human-altered topography and our occupation and stewardship of the land, usually concentrating on one specific geographical region where he photographs intensively over a number of years. He works primarily with the black and white analogue process, using large and medium format film cameras, and his practice involves all aspects of the photographic process from the negative through to the gelatin silver print.


1961 | Born : Deal (UK)



BA (Hons) Photography : Nottingham Trent University (UK) 1985 - 1988 

BA (Hons) Photography : London College of Printing (UK) 1985

Art & Design Foundation Diploma : Lincoln College of Art (Lincoln, UK) 1983 - 1984



Hariban Award (Kyoto, Japan) Shortlist : 2019

Wolf Suschitzky Photography Prize (London/Vienna) inaugural UK Winner : 2018 / 2019 

Mark Rothko Memorial Trust Award (Daugavpils, Latvia)  Shortlist : 2018

Prix de la Photographie (Paris, France) 1st Prize : Farmed monograph & Farmed series / 2nd Prize : People’s Choice 2016

Tokyo International FotoAwards (Japan) Third Prize : Farmed series : 2016

Moscow Foto Awards (Russia)  Third Prize : Farmed series : 2016

Prix de la Photographie (Paris, France) Second Prize : Truncated monograph : 2009

Prix de la Photographie (Paris, France) Second Prize : Truncated series : 2008


solo exhibitions

2022 Etherton Gallery - Paul Hart : The Fens (Tucson, USA) April 5 - May 28 

2020 Fen Ditton Gallery - Edgelands (Cambridge, UK) Sept - Oct

2019 Fen Ditton Gallery - Land Lines (Cambridge, UK) Oct (invited artists Fay Godwin / Mark Steinmetz)

2019 The Photographers’ Gallery Print Room - Drained  (London, UK) July 

2018 The Photographers’ Gallery Print Room  - Poetry of Place (London, UK) Jan - Feb 

2013 Atlas Gallery- Truncated (London, UK)  Jan - March (on-line) 

2012 Jaggedart - The Naked Land  (London, UK) - Feb - March 

2006 Jaggedart - Nature’s Solace (London, UK) - Nov - Dec 


selected group exhibitions / art fairs


Auckland Photography Festival : VITAL IMPACTS (NZ) upcoming June

Photo London : Somerset House - Dewi Lewis Publishing (UK) May 

FOTO WIEN - Rethinking Nature : Festival Centre (Vienna, Austria) March 

Hastings Contemporary - A Generous Space : ASP Shows (UK) until April


Paris Photo : Grand Palais Éphémère - Dewi Lewis Publishing (France) Nov 

Carpintaria de São Lázaro - Rethinking Nature : Imago Lisboa (Portugal) Oct

Fen Ditton Gallery - WATER / LAND  (Cambridge, UK) Oct

Casino Luxembourg - Rethinking Nature : European Month of Photography (Luxembourg) May


Fen Ditton Gallery - Plant Life  (Cambridge, UK) Oct 

Photo London Digital - Dewi Lewis Publishing (UK) Oct 


Hull International Photography Festival - RPS International Print Exhibition 161 (UK) Oct 

Photo London : Somerset House - Dewi Lewis Publishing (UK) May 

Royal Academy of  Arts - Summer Exhibition (London, UK) June 

Municipal Gallery - RPS International Print Exhibition 161 (Dublin, Eire) July 

The Photographers’ Gallery Print Room - Spring Salon Show (London, UK) May 

Midland Arts Centre - RPS International Print Exhibition 161 (Birmingham, UK) March 

Austrian Cultural Forum - Wolf Suschitzky Photography Prize (London, UK)  Feb 

Royal Photographic Society RPS International Print Exhibition 161 (Bristol, UK) Feb 


Fen Ditton Gallery - Trees Observed (Cambridge, UK) Sept 

Royal Academy of  Arts - Summer Exhibition (London, UK) June 

Photo London : Somerset House - The Photographers’ Gallery (UK) May 

Centre Culturel ARCADE - La Campagne  (Sainte-Colombe, France)  May 

The Photographers’ Gallery Print Room  - Spring Salon Show (London, UK) April 


University of Cambridge - Artificial Things : ART at the ARB (UK) - Jan

The Photographers’ Gallery Printroom : SummerSalon Show (London, UK) -Aug 


The Photographers’ Gallery Print Room - When Frost was Spectre-grey (London, UK) Dec 

Paris Photo : Grand Palais - Eric Franck / Augusta Edwards Fine Art (France) Nov 

Na Kashirke Gallery - Moscow International Foto Awards (Russia) Aug 

Espace Beaurepaire - Prix de la Photographie Awards (Paris, France) July 

Photo London : Somerset House - Eric Franck Fine Art (UK) May 

Royal Botanic Gardens Kew - International Garden Photographer Awards (London, UK) Jan

2015 - 2009

The Photographers’ Gallery Print Room - Winter Salon Show (London, UK) Sept 2015 

The Photography Show by AIPAD : Eric Franck Fine Art (NYC) April 2015

Atlas Gallery - Collected Works (London, UK) March 2014

Royal Academy of Arts - Summer Exhibition (London, UK) June 2013

London Art Fair : Business Design Centre (London, UK) Jaggedart | Jan 2012

Paris Photo : Grand Palais Eric Franck Fine Art (France) Nov 2011

London Art Fair : Business Design Centre : Jaggedart (UK) Jan 2011

London Art Fair : Business Design Centre Jaggedart (UK) Jan 2010

Paris Photo : Carrousel du Louvre : Eric Franck Fine Art (France) Nov 2009

The Photography Show by AIPAD :Eric Franck Fine Art (NYC) April 2009

Acte 2 Galerie : Prix de la Photographie Awards Exhibition (Paris, France) July 2009


residencies and collaborations

Wolf Suschitzky Photography Prize Residency : Vienna  (Austria)  : 2021

Ilford Photo International marketing campaign images : 2011 - present

Getty Images represent Hart’s early horticultural photography : 1995 - present


permanent collections

V&A Museum (London, UK) : Farmed series prints : 2019

Ivor Braka Collection (London / Norfolk, UK) : Truncated and Farmed series prints : 2018

Austrian Cultural Forum (London, UK) : Drained series prints : 2019



Reclaimed : Dewi Lewis Publishing (Stockport, UK) first edition 2020

Drained : Dewi Lewis Publishing (Stockport, UK) - first edition 2018, second 2019

Farmed: Dewi Lewis Publishing (Stockport, UK) - first edition 2016, second 2019 - out of print

Truncated: Dewi Lewis Publishing (Stockport UK) - first edition 2009 - out of print



Another Country : Gerry Badger - Thames & Hudson (London, UK) May 2022

Denatured Landscape : Isabelle Bonnet - Reclaimed  : Dewi Lewis Publishing (UK) 2020 

Into the Woods : Martin Barnes : V&A/Thames & Hudson (London, UK) Sept 2019

Picturing the Polder : Francis Hodgson - Drained : Dewi Lewis Publishing (UK) 2018

Looking at Images : Brooks Jensen : LensWork Publishing (Anacortes, USA) Oct 2014

Constructing Fate : Collier Brown - Farmed : Dewi Lewis Publishing (UK) 2016

Meetings with Unremarkable Trees : Gerry Badger - Truncated : Dewi Lewis Publishing (UK) 2009


selected press


L’Oeil de la Photographie - The Fens exhibition feature : Jean Jacques Naudet (France) April (on-line)

Kwerfeldein - The Fenland Trilogy : Aileen Wessely (Germany) 28 March (on-line)

Amateur Photographer Magazine : An Absolute Lack of Melodrama : Damien Demolder (UK) Jan (print)


ARTDOC Photography Magazine : RECLAIMED Documentary Stories : Sept (on-line) 


Blind Magazine - Denatured Landscape : Isabelle Bonnet / Jonas Cuénin (France) Dec (on-line)

BBC News - The Beauty of the Fens : Phil Coombes (UK) Sept (on-line)

PhotoBook Journal - Reclaimed : Douglas Stockdale (USA) Sept (on-line)

All About Photo - Edgelands : Sandrine Hermand-Grisel (USA) Sept (on-line)

Black + White Photography #241 : The Trilogy : Francis Hosgson (UK) May (print)

L’Oeil de la Photographie Reclaimed : Gillies Decamps (USA) April (on-line) 


L’Oeil de la Photographie Land Lines : Jean Jacques Naudet (France) Oct (on-line) 

Aesthetica Magazine - Landscape Histories :Eleanor Sutherland (UK) Sept (on-line)

Black + White Photography #233 - On Show/Land Lines : Tracy Calder (UK) Aug (print)

B&W Minimalism Magazine #16 - Drained (USA) April (print)

fLIP Magazine #42 - Drained : Tim Butcher (UK) April (print)

Photobook Journal - Drained : Douglas Stockdale (USA) March (on-line)

L’Oeil de la Photographie - Drained : Jean Jacques Naudet (France) Feb (on-line) 


Black + White Photography #222 -The Flat Country : Francis Hodgson (UK) Nov (print)

RPS Journal vol 158 My Place : Rachel Segal-Hamilton (UK) Oct (print)

On Landscape 167 Featured Photographer (UK) Sept  (on-line)

Daily Telegraph Saturday Review Viewfinder : Iona MacLaren (UK) 03/02/18 (print)

LensCulture Rooted in the English Landscape : Alex Streckker (France) Jan (on-line)

Aesthetica Magazine (UK) Poetry of Place : Eleanor Sutherland (UK) Jan (on-line)

L’Oeil de la Photographie - Paul Hart’s Poetic Landscapes :Jonas Cuénin (France) Jan (on-line)


Papier Magazine 21 - Apprenez à parler aux arbres : Aurélie Luneau (France) - (print)

LensCulture Farmed : Alexander Streckker (France) Feb (on-line)

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i-newspaper- Farmed :Sophie Batterbury (UK) 13/05/16 (print)