The website for kennardphillipps, a collaboartion between Peter Kennard and Cat Phillipps, explains that "kennardphillipps is a collaboration working since 2002 to produce art in response to the invasion of Iraq.

It has evolved to confront power and war across the globe. The work is made for the street, the gallery, the web, newspapers & magazines, and to lead workshops that develop peoples' skills and help them express their thoughts on what's happening in the world through visual means. The work is made as a critical tool that connects to international movements for social and political change. We don't see the work as separate to social and political movements that are confronting established political and economic systems. We see it as part of those movements, the visual arm of protest. We want it to be used by people as a part of their own activism, not just as pictures on the wall to contemplate."

Their most celebrated work is the "Blair Selfie", otherwise known as "photo op" that shows Prime Minister Tony Blair taking a selfie against the backdrop of a burning Iraq.