Stephen Gill

Selected Publications

The Hackney Podcast, November 2009
The Hackney Citizen, The Wicker Man, Sarah Birch
Shigeo Goto, The hope of photography
Suwako Fukai - Quotation Magazine

Most Influential in Book publishing, PDN
Angharad Lewis, Lost forever, Grafik
Toyoko Ito, Interview, Studio Voice, Japan
Japan Esquire, Hackney Flowers

Christof Schaden, Invariably Eden - foam Magazine
Geoff Dyer - Unseen UK review / Aperture Magazine
Times Photography Book of the year
Anthony Lasala - Buried, Photo Eye Magazine
Jeong Eun Kim - Fragments of a poem, Iann Magazine

The Queen - on receiving a copy of Hackney Wick (see artist website)
Gerry Badger -, Hackney Wick, Ag Magazine
MH - Hackney Wick, Foto8 Magazine
Iain Sinclair - Lost Treasure, The Guardian Weekend

Sophie Malexis, Hommes Invisibles, Le Monde 2
Michel Guerrin, Le photographe en anthropolgue de la ville, Le Monde
Photonews, Invisible
Tim Clark - PhotoEspaña, NextLevel Magazine: Issue #8
Now you see them, The Guardian Weekend

A keen observer of life, Creative Review
The Kindness of Strangers, The Guardian Weekend
Message au dos, Liberation newspaper
Jane Fletcher - A book of field studies, Source Magazine

Sarah Kent, Hackney Wick - Time Out
Elaine Paterson - Straight out of the ordinary, Metro Newspaper
Paul Wombell - Eye Catching, Design Week
Martin Murray, The Wick, Source Magazine
Jon Ronson, Confessions of a vino virgin, The Guardian Weekend

Thomas Sutcliffe, Framed - The Independent Magazine