Alex Hartley

Selected Press
The Most Instagrammable Galleries in London, Allis Brennan, Evening Standard, 30 April 2018

Life after the Apocalypse: recreating the end of civilisation - in Warwickshire, Matt Rudd, The Sunday Times, July 2017
Going off the grid: What I learned after a week without technology in an apocalypse dome, Steve Dinneen, City AM, May 2017

Modernist ruin in London canal provides a glimpse at an uncertain future, Emma Tucker, Dezeen, December 2016
Alex Hartley : After you left, Eddy Frankel, Time Out London, November 2016
The jungle look: artist Alex Hartley conjures a dystopian modernist folly, Elly Parsons, Wallpaper, November 2016
alex hartley erects a decaying, faux modernist ruin in a jungle-like london garden, Nina Azzarello, Designboom, November 2016
Artist Alex Hartley builds a Modernist ruin in a London gallery, Cassie Davies, The Spaces, November 2016

Alex Hartley wins Arts Foundation Award for Working With the Elements, Artyst, 3 February 2015

Art in the Open, Veronica Simpson, Blueprint, No.333 2014
Rich pickings on Kent's gold coast, Observer Review, 31 August 2014

Nowhere Island: A Project by Alex Hartley, Tim Cresswell, Art Review, January - February 2012
Nowhere, Liz Stinson, Wired Magazine, 21 March 2012

The not-so-big society, Ossian Ward, Time Out, 15 - 21 December 2011
From the big wide world to a small island, Rachel Cooke, The Observer, 27 November 2011
This week's thing of beauty, Charlotte Higgins, G2 (The Guardian), 16 November 2011
The world is still Big, Calre Hazelton, Flux, 27 December 2011
Alex Hartley; The World is still Big, Tish Wrigley, AnOther, 8 Dec 2011

Playing to the gallery , Sanjoy Roy, New Statesman, 13 April 2009

Alex Hartley, Guardian Guide, 13 - 19 September 2008

Building tension, Rosamund West, The Skinny, August 2007
For your eyes only, Sue Hubbard, Newstatesman, August 20, 2007
A love affair with brick and mortar, Richard Cork, Financial Times, August 16, 2007
First the good news, Duncan Macmillan, The Scotsman, August 14, 2007
Scaling the giddy heights, Jack Mottram, The Herald, August 8, 2007
Simplicity itself, Iain Gale, Scotland on Sunday, August 5, 2007
You have to plan it like a burglary, Susan Mansfield, The Scotsman, August 4, 2007
A slow build, Ruth Barker, BBC Collective, August 9, 2007
Alex Hartley, Sue Wilson, Metro, July 30, 2007
Alex Hartley, Robert Clark, The Guardian Guide
Alex Hartley, Telegraph Review, Telegraph, July 28, 2007
Alex Hartley, Caroline Ednie, Scottish Architecture, July 26, 2007
Arts festival ready to scale new heights with climbers, Brian Ferguson, Evening News, June 6, 2007

Step by Step, Caroline Roux, Blueprint, June 2006
Pole Positions: Art's Arctic Adventures, Martin Herbert, Modern Painters, April 2006

Uncertainties of the topographic?, Liz Wells, Source, December
Alex Hartley, Jane Neal, Art in America, December
Alex Hartley, Mark Rappolt, Modern Painters, November
Telling Tales, Charlotte Mullins, Vogue, October
Alex Hartley, Skye Sherwin, I-D, October
Alex Hartley, Peter Chapman, The Information (Supp to Independent), 24 September
Alex Hartley, Sarah Kent, Time Out, 21 September
Art Review, Fisun Guner, Metro, 8 September
Shacks in Bleak Landscapes, Ellie Duffy, Building Design, September
Our selection A-Z: London, The Art Newspaper, September
Buildering at the Barbican, Peter Aspen, The Times, August 5
If only I could live here, Alex Hartley, Next Level, Issue 7
At least we'll be able to find our way to the show on time, Tom Dyckhoff, The Times, June 28

LA Climbs, Rebecca Barnes, Dazed and Confused, April
LA Climbs, Michael T Jarvis, Los Angeles Times Magazine, June 13
Building in Leaps and Bounds, Tom Dyckhoff, The Times, January 6

Imaging Architecture, Daniel Kurjakovic, Werk, Bauen & Wohnen, Switzerland, March

LA Climbs, Alex Wiltshire, ICON, February
He's a tease, The Guardian Space, March 22
Alex Hartley,Tracey Moffatt, Annika von Hausswolff ,Fisun Güner, Metro Life, March 27
Shifting Space, Kester Rattenbury,Building Design, April 6
Richard Cork's five best London exhibitions. The Times Play, April 7
Tracey Moffatt, Alex Hartley, Annika von Hausswolff, Sally O' Reilly, Art Review, April 17
The ills that flesh is heir to. Richard Cork, The Times, April 18
Rule Britannia, Ha'Artez Magazine, Israel, Aug 31
Alex Hartley, Izi Glover, Frieze Issue 62, Oct 01

Exhibition 2000., Claire Allfree, Metro Life, Jan 19

The glass house that Alex built by Richard Cork, The Times, Dec 29

Alex Hartley, Victoria Miro, William Feaver, ARTnews, Feb
Alex Hartley at Victoria Miro Gallery, Richard Reynolds, Flash Art, Mar - Apr

It's a Sensation! But is it art? Everything you need to know about the London art scene, but were afraid to ask. Special supplement, Time Out, No. 1412, Sep
The spaces in between, David Barrett, RA Magazine, No. 56, Oct
Alex Hartley, Viewer, Mark Currah, Time Out, No. 1421, Nov 12 - 19




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