Dorothy Bohm

"I have spent my lifetime taking photographs. The photograph fulfils my deep need to stop things from disappearing. It makes transience less painful and retains some of the special magic, which I have looked for and found. I have tried to create order out of chaos, to find stability in flux and beauty in the most unlikely places." - Dorothy Bohm

Dorothy Bohm has enjoyed a prolific eight-decade career in photography. She began as a studio photographer in Manchester but became best known for her keenly observed renderings of place with an eye for the daily lives of inhabitants. She is particularly noted for her depictions of London, her home since 1956, while also travelling widely and producing work in, amongst other places, Paris, Venice, Israel, and Egypt.


Bohm is also important for her championing of the photographic medium. She was a key driving force behind the establishment of The Photographers' Gallery, London, in 1971, and subsequently acted as the gallery's associate director for many years.